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You Paid For It: Normandy School District Travel

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) – Upset Normandy School Board Member tells You Paid For It Investigator Elliott Davis "You are a professional Pimp".

A You Paid For It Investigation of the Normandy School District uncovers tens of thousands of dollar in out of town travel by administrators and officials at the school district that has lost accreditation.  The Board's Treasurer Dr. Edward Haynie made the "Pimp” statement. Haynie is the Board Member who took the most out of town trips on taxpayer’s dime.

We learned the School District administrators and officials took $47,000 worth of out of town trips. A lot of them were taken by the School Board. Their travel came to $14,000.
This included Conferences from New Orleans to San Francisco and a lot of trips to the Lake of the Ozarks resort.

The Superintendent who resigned suddenly racked up $4,000 in out of town travel.

Earlier this month the State Of Missouri yanked Normandy's provisional accreditation so now the School District is unaccreditated despite all the money spent on travel.

During the interview Dr. Haynie accused Elliott of "Always being negative" before abruptly saying”This conversation is ended"

Considering the results of the District losing accreditation it seems clear that whatever Officials learned in their taxpayer funded travel didn't do the kids much good!