You Paid For It: Perks In North County Medical Building

BERKELEY, MO. (KTVI) - On this You Paid For It, St. Louis County builds a new Medical Building in North County to service the needy.  But this $20 Million dollar building comes with a lot of exotic extras like an Indoor Waterfall, and tile that had to be flown in from Turkey.

Mike Jones, the policy advisor to County Executive Charlie Dooley says the tile they first put in was defective and so they flew in tile from Turkey as a replacement.

Jones says the County Used a design building approach to the building. They set a price and the builder has to build it for that, no matter what the company puts in the building.

They couldn't, wouldn't say how much could have been saved by omitting the extra's.  

A comical exchange occurred when we try to pin down Jones on the particulars of this deal, like the reasons for the Water Fall.

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