Plans Underway To Build Veterans Museum In Pacific

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PACIFIC, MO (KTVI)-- Plans are underway for a new one-of-a-kind museum to honor American heroes.

Welcome to Liberty Field in Pacific, Missouri.  Right now this park is nothing more than a couple of soccer fields, a few goals and not much else.  But if one man has his way, this park will soon become something much more special.

It all began with pat smiley and a random thought nearly ten years ago.  The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were in full swing and he felt there was a need to do something special to honor those warriors when they returned home.

It's taken nearly a decade but pat's dream will soon become reality.

Plans are in place to turn this park into a one of a kind museum.  He calls it the liberty walk outside walking museum.

The soccer fields will stay but around them along a nearly one mile long trail will be large granite monuments.

Each will have an image and a story honoring a defining moment in American military history.  Smiley hopes this museum will become a destination of sorts for Americans of all ages who simply want to say thank you and remember.

The plans include 25 granite monuments, 15 have already been sponsored and there is hope to have the last 10 sponsored by the end of the year. 

If all goes well they hope to have the walking museum open to the public by Memorial Day 2013. 

For more information call Pat Smiley at 636-584-4816 or email him at
You can also check out their Facebook page by clicking here.