You Paid For It: Riverview Superintendent Leaving

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BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, MO. (KTVI) - You Paid For It has learn the Superintendent of the Riverview Gardens School District is on his way out the door.  The School Board says it's not renewing Clive Coleman's Contract. Coleman will leave at the end of the School year in June of 2013.

Coleman cites family reasons as to why he's leaving the School District that lost accreditation.  The District lost its accreditation several years ago.  Under Coleman's watch, the State took over the District, that's now run by a 3 member State Appointed Board.

Coleman made a salary of $172,000 a year. The Board says his replacement will be paid up to $200,000 a year.

You Paid For It has had a number of run-ins with Coleman over questionable school district spending.
We also had a colorful encounter with the Head of the state appointed board, Dr. Lynn Beckwith.  

Beckwith didn't want us to film him walking away and so he decided to walk in the door backwards.  The district has gone backwards since the Beckwith led Board took over.  They have fewer points towards accreditation now than they did when Beckwith first took over.

The school Board says it's started the search for a new Superintendent to take over when Clive Coleman's leaves.