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Youth Leader Gets Special Send Off Before Deployment

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(KTVI) -Every year in Midtown, veterans change out the American flag outside the St. Louis City Family Courts.  But this year, Keevey Davis was leaving.
'But, I wanted the opportunity to recognize and to applaud Keevey,' Chief Juvenile Judge Jimmie Edwards explained.
'It means so much to me, because I wear this uniform for a reason,' Davis nodded down toward his dress uniform.  He is a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy.  'That`s to serve and protect the ones I leave behind.'

Davis is also a youth leader with the court`s juvenile detention center.  But, he would not be at work tomorrow or next week.  He was being deployed to Africa -- boots on the ground --for a year.  His wife, Deputy Juvenile Officer Sharon Davis will look at the flag her husband touched every day.

'It makes me teary-eyed,' her voice cracked, but her eyes stayed dry.  'Again, my husband is out there doing what he loves to do best.  And, I know that he is serving and protecting his country.  So, that makes me happy.'

 'She should be wearing this uniform,' Davis chuckled.  'She is very strong.  I couldn`t ask for better.'
After Davis moved to St. Louis from California, he found a new family in the coworkers at the facility.  That family admitted they were proud, but worried.  
'The people here just accepted me with open arms and treated me like a brother and sister,' Davis shook his head.  'They`ll definitely be missed.'

For the children locked up here, Davis said he is much more than a corrections officer.

'I`m here to better the kids, to be their mentor, if anything, to be productive citizens,' he explained.  'There are some good kids here.  They are not all bad.'
So on his last day at work, Davis left behind a loving warning.
'Don`t let me come back here and see you still here, because we are going to have issues about that,' he laughed.  Then, he got serious.  'Buckle down.  The war is out there waiting for you.  This is not it.'
Security concerns kept Davis` exact deployment date a secret.  But, Judge Edwards suspected Davis would be back for next year's flag raising.

There are a more opportunities help Veteran`s Celebrate the signing of the armistice that ended World War I in 1918.

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