You Paid For It: Extra Pay Check For Metro East Legislators

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(KTVI) - Illinois State Legislators getting thousands of dollars in extra pay just for Committee Chairmanships. Some of the small committees meet as few as three times a year.
You Paid For it  caught up with one Metro East Legislator who represents St. Clair County Senator James Clayborne who got and extra $20,000 for his Committee Chairmanships last year alone. That's on top of his $64,000 Salary and $7,400 per diem for their daily expenses for each day the legislature is in session.

Senator Clayborne whose area includes East St. Louis brings in $91,000 making him one of the highest paid State Legislators in the nation. We also found other State Legislators with extra pay for sometimes little work.


Illinois Legislators are already the highest paid even without the extra money to serve as Committee Chairman. The Leaders of the House and Senate dole out the Chairmanships to their allies so they can have a little extra power and money.
But taxpayers end up picking up the bill. In the House alone the House spent $660,000 in extra pay for Legislators to head up committee. This at a time the state is deep in debt and can't pay it's bills and taxpayers are being hit with a huge increase.