You Paid For It: Chancellor Day

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - The You Paid For It Team Investigates the Professional Development Day held by the St Louis Community College Chancellor that cost taxpayers $42,000.

School Staffers flooded my email with complaints about this deal calling it a waste of time and taxpayers money for the cash strapped college that's been forced to make various cutback because of a money crunch.
Some staffers even complained about it at a School Board of Trustees meeting.

 The event was held October 16. The school was shut down and all 1,400 staffers were forced to attend the event held on the Forest Park School Campus. Employees said it was little more than a big expensive pep talk by Chancellor Dorsey and other school higher ups.

 We questioned the Chancellor who you pay $300,000 in salary and benefits to run the college about this deal.

She said it was to ensure student success, but couldn't explain how this contributed to that success.

Ultimately she ended the interview saying she'd get back to us with answers to some pretty simple questions from You Paid For It.

You don't want to miss her trying to defend this deal on "You Paid For It”.

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