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More Than 30 States Have People Filing To Secede US

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DALLAS, TX (FOX NEWS) - It's traditional for Americans to threaten to move to Canada or the UK when their candidate loses.  This time, shortly after the presidential election results became official, a movement began to let states "Go it alone." Americans from states across the country are filing petitions on the white house web site seeking to secede from the union and form new governments.

 "The last time a bunch of stupid hicks did this we fought a civil war. This is bad. There is no good precedent to this. Eventually they will shut up and sit down and show up again in the next election." said Democratic Consultant Jason Stanford.

Thousands of citizens in the lone star state want the Obama administration to allow Texas to 'go it alone.'

Texas Governor Rick Perry raised the idea in 2009.  He's since made clear he has no interest in it and doesn't support these petitions.

Texans have company in this idea as Americans in more than 30 states are floating the plan on the White House website.

"I thought the Civil War was over a couple hundred years ago almost but I'm not surprised we're kind of individualistic here." said Oregon resident Dave Garber.

Once any petition reaches 25,000 signatures in 30 days time, it mandates a response from the Obama administration.

The bottom line is that this might be a good way for americans to air their frustrations. However, the petitions carry no legal weight.

"It's not in the president's power under the constitution to let a state secede. In fact it's not clear whether anyone, even Congress, could let a state secede. It might in fact take a constitutional amendment." said Lewis and Clark Law School professor Bill Funk.

Petitions from Louisiana and Texas, now approaching the threshold for a response. They were the first two states represented, followed by Alabama.

Thousands of people have signed the online petitions at the website of the White House.  You can see it for yourself by clicking here:

https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions .

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By: Casey Stegall, FOX News.