Attempted Murder Suspect Found At Greenville College

GREENVILLE, IL. (KTVI) – A freshman at Greenville College, who is wanted for attempted murder, was arrested by U.S. Marshals Thursday morning.

20-year-old Jamal McDaniel was arrested in his dorm room.

“It was a big shock,” Freshman Sheana Truab said. “We are not used to having anything like that happen here.”

Authorities believe he was involved in a shooting that happened on Aug. 12 in Baltimore, Maryland.

“The task force from Baltimore called our task force here and said they believed Mr. McDaniel was going to Greenville College,” U.S.
Marshal Don Slazinik said.

Greenville College officials said incident was a “surprise,” but added that they have been cooperating with authorities.

Authorities believe McDaniel had been accepted to the college before the shooting.

He was on the football team for a brief stint, but not attending the school on an athletic scholarship.

Students were notified about the incident via email.

“The emails said that we were not in danger and there had not been any incidents of violence on campus,” Truab said.

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