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Black Friday Shoppers Already Lining Up

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FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL (KTVI)-- Stacy Williams is one of 8 family members hanging out in front of the Best Buy in Fairview Heights.  She’s got blankets, a heater, rations and more.  Her family decided they were tired of being number two in line and showed up Sunday night to make sure they were number one.

“This is the earliest we have ever come. Normally we come on Tuesday this time we set it up yesterday which was Sunday,” said Williams.

Williams says her family is taking shifts before and after work. They have been doing Black Friday campouts for the last 10 years. They`ve also made plans for everything including the bathroom.  When it comes to securing your spot, Best Buy associate Anthony Janis says they plan to give out line tickets Thanksgiving night to those in line. There are at least 30 hot items expected to draw crowds in.

“We do it for the fun but the prices of the products are good, we just do it for the fun, laptops, TV's whatever they have on sale,” said Williams.

“It`s going be first come first served, we would like you to stay in line, if you get the ticket you can leave the line,” said Janis

Sam Hanna and John Fuhler say it`s a little early to set up shop, but they think the lure of a good deal can make people do wacky things.

“I haven`t seen anything this extreme, but Black Friday is crazy,” said Fuhler.

“Maybe for the more expensive stuff a nice tv or surround system but if they are waiting to get a deal on dvds, it’s not worth it,” said Hanna.

While the shifts change inside of Best Buy, the same will happen outside as a line of one will eventually turn into hundreds in Fairview Heights and thousands across the country.

“Fun family fun we enjoy it,” Williams said.