Local Israel Supporters Worry For loved Ones In Gaza

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- St. Louisans with friends or loved ones in the war zone watch t-v and monitor social media anxiously.

Israel's supporters in St. Louis say the Jewish state is under attack and has to defend itself. Supporters of the Palestinians say Israel is the aggressor. And both agree it's civilians who pay the price.

As Israel continues to hammer Gaza, the death toll is escalating among Palestinians. Webster Groves' Suhad Karzon worries about her friends in Gaza and their children.

As Palestinian militants respond with rockets and mortars fired into Israel, Israeli civilians pay the price. Chesterfield's Ron Golan grew up in Israel a mile from the Gaza border. His father still lives there taking regular incoming fire from Gaza.

To give you an idea this is Gaza to scale superimposed over St. Louis. It measures about 25 miles long and eight miles across. A million and a half Palestinians are packed into Gaza. Right now, they're trapped.

St. Louis holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein is a Jew who supports the Palestinians. Three years ago, she risked her life on a boat trying to go through Israel’s blockage of the Gaza coastline. It was stopped by Israeli commandos.