Thanksgiving Apps

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(KTVI) – Thanksgiving is a holiday with quite a few moving parts. When juggling ambitious dishes and recipes, overnighting in-laws and Black Friday shopping strategies, it can be a stressful few days.

Matt Baliva, from Verizon, showed Elliot some great apps to stay sane during the holidays.

>> Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

This app makes preparing for the big day as easy as pumpkin pie.  It has step-by-step tutorials (with pictures) on how to roast that turkey and how to perfect that gravy. It even creates a shopping list of items you will need and a cooking timer depending on the size of your bird. This app is perfect for beginners who are hosting their first big holiday feast. Compatible with Apple devices.

>> Thanksgiving Coloring Book

While slaving away in the kitchen, the last thing someone needs is their little one underfoot. This app gives the kids something to do that's both festive and time-consuming. In effect, they will be able to do virtual finger-painting that won't leave a mess all over the dinner table. The device can be shaken (Etch-A-Sketch style) to start over and the master work can be saved to a gallery or shared via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

>> Thanksgiving Dinner Maker

Get ready to set the most spectacular Thanksgiving table with turkey and all the trimmings. With this app, users can arrange the table just the way they want -- maybe re-create the holiday the way you remember it when you were young. Or, arrange a more hip, up-to-date version of the Thanksgiving table. Another feature of this app allows users to make the perfect plate of Thanksgiving heaven with a selection of delicious items.  Your taste buds are sure to be thankful!  Compatible with Apple devices.