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Contact 2: Towed Car Title

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CAHOKIA, IL. (KTVI) – A Cahokia woman is thanking Contact 2.  Her vehicle was towed and she didn`t know how to get her title after retrieving the car.  Her call to Contact 2 puts her back in the driver`s seat.   

This young mother says she`s happy to be driving again.  For two years she got around on public transportation while her car sat on a metro east tow lot.  

Letaisha Green was still making payments on her 2005 Grand Prix when it was towed in November 2009.  It while police investigated its possible connection to a crime scene.  Illinois officials released it in May of this year.  And Letaisha was faithful about her car note.  'I continued to make my biweekly payments on the vehicle.  I just recently paid it off in Oct. 2012'.

Once paid in full she needed the title before she could drive.   That`s when the confusion started. Legally tow companies can apply for an abandoned vehicle title within months of the car`s arrival on their lot.   Unaware of this, Letaisha tried to register the vehicle with a title given to her by the lien holder.  She says that didn`t work.  'The title I received from the lien holder was invalid'.
That's because the abandoned vehicle title was on file with the state of Illinois.   When the tow lot got a call from Contact 2, workers scrambled to find that title for Green.   'They found it over the weekend on Monday.  And we went to the driver`s license place on Tuesday, and transferred the title over'.

That's a relief for the working mother.   ''I`ve got transportation back and forth to work.  I don`t have to catch the bus no more. I`ve been on the bus for 2 and half years.  And I can get my kids to the doctor.   And do what I got to do. '

If your car ends up on a tow lot, you want to act as quickly as you can to retrieve the vehicle.  If its being held for police, notify the lot of your intentions to keep or leave the vehicle.  And of course call us if you have a consumer issue. Volunteers take calls Mon. through Thurs from 11am till 1pm.  Call the toll free number its 800 782-2222.  Or contact me via my Facebook page.