Flock Of Birds Falls From The Sky In Springfield, MO

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (KTVI) -  It's a mystery that has people in Springfield, Missouri stumped.  What caused a flock of birds to die?
Judy Carmichael lives just about a hundred feet from where a flock of starlings died. On Saturday she came out to see the birds dead in the road away from power lines and trees.  "None were on the sidewalk, there weren't any in the grass. They were just all right there and I pretty much just about counted every one."

Garrett Lane works along the intersection. When he showed up some of the birds were still alive.

"Most of the birds were standing right here just leaning up against the wall so when I walked up they wouldn't fly away so that was kind of odd to me why aren't the birds flying away it was really apparently they weren't able to fly."  said Garrett Lane.

There were no dead birds on his lawn.  He doesn't know what happened to the birds that couldn't fly. Biologist with the Missouri department of Conservation said in wintertime Starlings are usually in a flock for protection but they don't know what happened.
The event couldn't have been weather related since on Saturday morning conditions were mild and calm with a lot of sunshine theories are a truck could have hit the birds that were in the road. Also, something could have gotten on the birds feathers.

Other theories are the birds could have died from exhaustion while migrating. But, none of these theories seem to answer all of the questions.