Metro’s Most Wanted: Chesterfield Stealing Spree

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI)-- In Metro's Most Wanted, the Chesterfield police are hot on the trail of a guy doing his Christmas shopping on someone else's dime, and trying to get lucky as well.

It was sometime overnight on October 22nd, that police say this guy broke into a woman's car and stole everything he could get his hands on.  The stuff he got is worth about $550.  But to add insult to injury, he also took the victim's credit cards and went to a mobile station.  Apparently he wasn't taking all those cameras into account at every gas station in America. 

Anyway, he tried to double down by using the stolen card to buy $220 worth of scratch off lottery tickets.  No word if he won.  Police ask that you take special notice of the unusual jacket he was wearing at the time.

If you have any information on this suspect, contact Crimestoppers.  The number is 866-371-tips, and there could be a reward in it for you.