Mississippi River Project Concerned With Low Water Levels

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The Mississippi River Bridge Project continues to move forward and we wanted to find out if low water levels are having an impact on the work.
According to MODOT the project is up and running with no delays however, they are still worried about low water levels.

FOX 2 checked in with workers and were told the 4- year bridge project is moving along but had a couple of snags when water levels on the river dropped. MODOT also says the missing portion of the bridge will be merged by next summer.  MODOT project manager Greg Horn is hoping the bridge project that will connect Illinois drivers to 70 stays on pace.

'if it gets a whole lot lower and the barges can`t work from the channel they will have a hard time getting through to bring the barges in to lift the pieces of steel , but we don`t anticipate it being that low at 8 or 9 feet.' Said Horn

The bridge which is part of a 700 million dollar project is the 3rd largest cable-stayed bridge in the United States. As for the name of the bridge, the state of Illinois and Missouri are still working out the details. They have used more than 600 miles of cable to build the bridge so far.

The project is past the halfway point and on pace to open in February 2014.