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You Paid For It: Turtles & Frogs

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MADISON COUNTY, IL. (KTVI) – Wednesday on You Paid For It, The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a project in Madison County so that Officials and Politicians can see Turtles and Frogs"

The entire Wetlands Restoration Project near Pontoon Beach is costing taxpayers $640,000. Part of that involves corralling Turtles and Frogs into an area where people can see them.

But IEPA is building a walkway to the turtles and frogs as a big part of this deal.

An agency spokeswoman says it's so Politicians and Officials can get an up close look at the Wildlife.
The Walkway alone is costing you $230,000 for Politicians to get a look-see at the Turtles and Frogs
A Pontoon Beach taxpayer tipped me off to this deal after she saw all the earth moving going on outside her home and learned of the IEPA plan for the Turtles and Frogs, that she calls a big waste of your dollars.

Small wonder the government is going broke. With the Feds saying they're running out of money someone certainly should be taking a closer look at deals like this.

But you can hear the IEPA defend this deal for yourself.