Blues Fans Head To Peoria For Hockey Fix

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-The NHL has called off all its games through December 14th, including the 2013 All Star game. That is not stopping die hard Blues fans from taking a road trip to see some hockey.

Martin Meksa and Daniel Zeman just got to St. Louis from Slovakia, but they immediately boarded a bus bound for Peoria. They had saved for three years to meet their friend Michael Nixon in St. Louis for a ten day visit. The guys grew up watching great Slovakians like Pavol Demitra, Peter Sejna, and more recently Jaraslav Halak. The Blues are supposed to be having a five game home stand right now, enough to satisfy a Slovakian or any red blooded American hockey fan.

But there's no eyeing the Islanders, the Capitals are kaput, no bludgeoning the Blue Jackets, sayonara Senators and farewell Flames. The NHL lockout continues.

But that's where the Peoria Riverman came to save the day. Right now that’s the nearest hockey haven for strike weary fans.

A team bus is taking St. Louis Blues fans, including those from Slovakian,  to Peoria for Friday's game versus Milwaukee and Saturday's Grand Rapids match.