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Election Decided By Coin Toss

PEORIA, IL (WMBD) - It was all decided by the flip of a coin. A county board race in Illinois turned out to be a tie.

DeWitt county clerk recorder Dana Smith is digging through her purse looking for a coin.  When the clock strikes three she flips the quarter into the air. But, this is no ordinary coin toss. It's deciding the outcome of a county board race.

"Well, we just needed something to break a tie, so here we are."  said Dana Smith.

Republican incumbent Terry Ferguson and Independent George Wissmiller both want to serve district "B."  The problem, election results show they're dead even. Since the state has no specific rules for situations like this, the clerk is getting creative and flipping a coin.  It lands head side up.

the incumbent ferguson called tails. So he loses the race.  Wissmiller is the winner but he isn't thrilled. He says this process is like gambling.

To prove his point he's not taking a paycheck for his seat. It's an ending to an already unique race both men say they didn't see coming.

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