Donna Duberg: Avoiding Germs

(KTVI) - Try to avoid germs this cold and flu season because they're still out there. You wipe down your workspace, they're out there.  You cough into your sleeve, they're out there. 

Germ expert Donna Duberg from Saint Louis University talks about 10 ways to catch germs even when you think you're not.

1-Drink from someone else`s cup
2-Visit with grandchildren
    Their suggestion - wash your hands frequently.
my suggestion - get vaccinated    XX

3-Eat after a double dipper
4-Enjoy a night at the theater
5-Touch library books
6-Use a phone ... or IPod or Kindle/Nook or any other electronic device
7-Eat from a candy dish
8-Go to the doctor...Doctors have cooties?
9-Take a bite from a friend`s fork
10-Touch bathroom handles

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