Bank President Arrested & Accused Of Breaking Wife’s Leg

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Wife Speaks Out To Help Others. Husband's Attorney Calls it "Money Grab."

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The president of a Clayton Bank is accused of beating his wife. One incident was reported in the exclusive community of Huntleigh and another was reported at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida.

FOX Files reporter Chris Hayes has one of the police reports. He talked to the reported victim who said she`s speaking out to help others.

On October 25th police report from Collier County Florida describes a beating that reportedly broke the wife`s leg. It was enough to convince the woman to tell police she was also beaten in Huntleigh, MO.

Julianne Poteet said, "My hopes is that I can bring attention to domestic abuse and hopefully give other women out there the courage to come forward or make a phone call."

Poteet says she fears her husband, Kenneth Poteet, CEO of Sterling Bank. She described a beating at their Huntleigh home this past January and she took pictures to document what she says happened. Julianne described she was "...kicked, drug, thrown squeezed.."
"How did you get away from that?" said Chris Hayes.
"It happened throughout the house and it stopped after a period of time and pleading and crying." said Julianne Poteet.

She says she went to Frontenac police, but feared giving out the man's name. She said police asked her multiple times for the name but she wouldn't tell the officer.

Julianne Poteet said, "It always played out in the back of my mind, what he said to me as I walked out the door that it would happen again."

She said it did -- October 25th at the Naples, FL Ritz Carlton. In a police report, the officer describes julie `crying uncontrollably` and that she `could barely walk.` Three pages not only describe Julianne`s injuries but also her husband`s reported demeanor -- that he was 'aggressive` and `belligerent.` Officers cuffed Kenneth Poteet, who was then charged with `battery.`

Domestic violence allegations are not uncommon according to St. Louis based Woman`s Place, which put together a fact sheet including "one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime" and that and during the down economy - demand for domestic violence services has risen 87%.

Kenneth Poteet denied abuse through his attorney Scott Rosenblum. Hayes asked Rosenblum, "How do you counter a police report that`s very thorough and even says the police officers witnessed belligerence?"

Rosenblum answered, "Well when you`re saying it`s thorough, I don`t know what that means. Nobody`s really questioned these police officers into the extent of her activities. Now we have. We`ve investigated her intoxication. We`ve investigated her motives. So there`s more to this than meets the eye."

Hayes followed up, "Isn't that what an alleged abuser`s always going to say?"
Rosenblum, "No, absolutely not. This is a case that when it all sorts out, that her actions are being taken because she`s not happy with the bargain she`s made and she`s looking for more money."

Kenneth and Julianne have only been married about four months and the wedding was after the first alleged assault. Kenneth`s attorney says that should be a sign the allegations are not true. Julianne said she`s not unlike many other victims who want to believe the abuse has happened for the last time.

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