Cardinals Ticket Packs On Sale Friday

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis Baseball Cardinal ticket packages go on sale at 10 Friday morning.  But, fans could start window-shopping early.  The Cards website rolled out the long list of amenities available with every pack.

Fans with a little more cash to burn could stake their claim on some of the ballpark's most exclusive party areas.  Those especially excited fans, who could not wait quite as long, could get packages for Opening Day.

The Redbirds had prices listed on the website.  But, the cost of certain regular-season tickets were controlled by the "dynamic pricing" system.  That means certain factors -- including how well the
Cardinals do in the 2013 season -- could drive ticket prices up or down.

The Holiday Pack
-    10 and 5-game packages.
-    10-game Pack includes Opening Day, Jersey Pack, and Value Pack.
-    5-game Pack includes Weekend Pack, Friday Pack, Sunday Pack, Bobblehead Pack, Ring Pack, Musial Pack and Cubs Pack.
All-inclusive tickets
-    Buffet and drink service throughout most games.
-    Access to the most coveted club seats like the Commissioner`s Box, Bank of America Club and Champions Club.

All-inclusive ticket prices ranged from $60 to $240.  But again, if the Cards deliver another red-hot season, that cost could spike.

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