Alton School District Talks Security Measures After Newtown Shooting

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ALTON, IL (KTVI)-- One area school district is taking a proactive approach after the Newtown shooting. The mayor of Alton is talking about that district's safety plans.

The first two funerals for the young victims of the Newtown massacre were held Monday.

It's an unimaginable tragedy that no school wants to consider, but the Alton district is preparing for the worst.

On Monday, the mayor, school superintendent, Alton police & fire chiefs spoke at a news conference to talk about security measures already in place.

Daily police patrols have been increased at all schools following the Connecticut shooting.

Earlier Monday superintendent Ken Spell visited all schools and reviewed security procedures with staff.

Spell has also asked all staff members to submit suggestions about ways to improve security.

Right now all school buildings, including private schools are locked at all time with security video cameras that require someone to be buzzed in. All classrooms have doors that lock from the inside.

When asked whether school staff or resource should be armed with a gun inside the school this was the superintendent's response.

Chief Hayes says officers usually do patrols in their vehicles but Monday they got out of their squad cars and greeted students & parents as they entered the schools, today  to assure about their safety.