St. Louis Dogs Help Comfort Connecticut Shooter Victims

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Pam Bolton has a Poodle named Gracie that's a champ when it comes to helping others.

"CHAMP is actually an acronym for canine helpers allow more possibilities.  And we empower people with physical disabilities with our service dog program for children and adults." said Executive Director Pam Bolton.

In the St. Louis Region there are 70 teams of dog and trainer that visit nursing homes, hospitals, and rehab centers to offer aid, joy and comfort.

Lutheran Church Charities from Chicago sent these Golden Retrievers to Newtown Conneticut to help with that communities grief.

And a dog often will connect with someone who may not be making a connection with other people.  They just sort of gravitate to that child or adult sitting alone and they can make that connection and make that person smile.

Champ offers certified training to make sure the tempermament of a dog is ready for the task at hand. Helping others get through whatever they're going through.

It's been proven scientifically that these dogs can lower blood pressure, heart rates and reduce stress.  Just having a dog that will not judge and just be there for comfort can mean so much to someone who is suffering.

It's been said, when the smile of a lovely dog is seen, the mind is healed.

That's why Bolton and Gracie will continue to champion their cause of lending a helping hand and wagging tail.