Suicidal Suspect In Manchester Puts Schools In Lockout Mode

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MANCHESTER, MO (KTVI)-- A suicidal suspect has turned himself into police, lifting a lockout mode for several schools in Manchester.

Parkway South High School, Southwest Middle, Wren Hollow Elementary, and Hanna Woods Elementary went into lockout mode around 5 p.m. Monday while tactical teams searched for the suspect.

The schools were not threatened, but they did not let anyone in or out of the buildings for their safety.

Police said an ex-girlfriend called police after the 19-year-old suspect sent text messages to her indicating he planned to harm himself.

The suspect was unarmed when he eventually turned himself in, but police found a shotgun in the woods.

The suspect was taken to St. John's Hospital.

Police were able to escort students and faculty out of the schools.