Local Reaction To President Obama’s Gun Proposals

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ARNOLD, MO (KTVI)-- President Obama's call for new control laws is not sitting well with gun owners.

"Regardless of what they come up with, the bottom line is every time you give up something, they want something else and that`s where gun owners stand," said Joe Dix, owner of a gun store and shooting range in Arnold, called Top Gun. 

While no one is sure exactly what changes the President plans to propose, many gun owners are pretty sure it will involve restrictions on some high capacity weapons.

"The people that are yelling the loudest are the ones that know the least about guns," said Steve Ogden, who owns several guns and is a proud member of the NRA. "They think they are machine guns, they think because they look like a military weapon that they are more dangerous than another weapon."

On Monday, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said he favors bringing back to so called assault weapons ban.

"I want to protect their right to hunt for sporting purposes, to even use guns in self-defense, but that doesn`t include high capacity ammo clips and military assault weapons and body armor for goodness sakes, that is way beyond any second amendment right."

Maryland Heights Police Chief Tom O`Connor also supports the idea of banning some high capacity weapons.

"A semi-automatic rifle is an assault weapon.  It is designed with speed to maximize your kill," O`Connor said.

Owners of semi-automatic weapons will argue that point, but what upsets many of them the most is the feeling what`s happening now is not about safety but rather about politics.

"They are using the emotion of the moment to get the public behind them and use the hysteria of the moment to get their political agenda passed," said Ogden.

"I`ve got what I need and I am going to keep stocking up on ammunition before they start banning it too."

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