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Wishing Wind Could Be Replaced With Snow

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI)-- Some area Christmas displays could go flying in the wind on Thursday, unless some precautions are taken.

A blast of winter-like weather is expected to bring with it some powerful gusts of wind.

Bill England's reindeer display spans the width of the front of his Chesterfield house.  He built it himself and fastened the display to poles in the ground.

"So far it's held pretty good," said England.

He said his display has withstood 60 mile per hour winds before so he`s confident his reindeer will survive Thursday.

Others wish the wind could be replaced with some snow.  Some area stores still have an overabundance of winter supplies from last year.

The Alpine Shop is seeing an increase in business because of snow in other parts of the Colorado.

"Skiers like to travel during the holiday," said Chesterfield store spokesman Nick Pelikan.

In Town and Country, Rick's Ace Hardware took an 80% hit in winter sales because of the mild winter.  One employee stacked unsold shovels into the shape of a Christmas Tree.

"We`re hoping to sell them all this year but it's not looking too promising," said employee Eric Mahn.

He hopes that customers will buy their winter supplies before the winter weather hits.

"Sometimes if they wait, it's too late."