Wrong Woman Threatened After Tweets About Newtown Shooting

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)-- The St. Charles County Cyber Crimes unit is investigating a series of more than 500 threatening phone calls made to a 71- year- old woman on Monday night.  Calls she received after a series of disturbing tweets about the school shootings in Connecticut posted by a 32-year- old man named Jacob. Cyber Crimes investigator Chris Mateja says her phone rang for 5 hours straight.

"It was determined that someone had created a twitter account posing as the shooter of the Connecticut shootings. He posted information that people would find offensive," said Mateja.

Authorities say the hacker group anonymous exposed Jacob the original owner of the twitter account with the handle @blastinkids, posting his address and phone number online. The only problem was the phone number was old and now belonged to the elderly woman who has no connection to twitter.

"She answered the phone a couple of times and was told she was going to die tonight and no matter where she went they were going to find her," said Mateja.

Investigators say be careful with information you get on the internet, because at times it can do more harm than good. The callers can face misdemeanor harassment charges
"People need to realize that just because someone posts information on online does not mean it`s accurate. And not go out as a vigil ante and try to take care of the problem themselves," he said.

Investigators say they have also stepped up patrols at the woman`s house and in her neighborhood. Jacob a St. Louis area man is currently in the hospital.