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Contact 2: All Season Contracting Complaints

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CREVE COUER, MO (KTVI)-- A local roofing contractor gets behind on repairs for hail damage.   This is actually the same roofer featured in Contact 2 earlier this year.  He was helping homeowners scammed by a Denver company.  Today some of his own customers say its been months since signing contracts with All Seasons Contracting.

And no one's come to replace the damaged roof.   A few weeks ago they learned it could be early spring before they get a new roof.   Homeowner Willie Clark didn`t expect this type of delay. "If you can`t do the work, give me money and I`ll get somebody else to do it," Robin Hance says tired of waiting.  "The week they were supposed to do my roof  was a beautiful week and they weren`t out."

No one was available for comment when I went to the contractor`s Creve Couer office.
The Better Business Bureau reports multiple complaints against All Seasons Contracting according to Chris Thetford.  "Sixty complaints against the company in the past three years, and 20 of those  have come to us since the  first of October of 2012," he stated.

Willie Clark signed his contract in August, paid $3,200 down on a $4,300 dollar job.  His first start date was postponed.  "And then from that two weeks it went to another two weeks, and that`s all I`ve been getting is promises," he said.

Robin Hance signed a contract in June. She paid 2,700 down on a 5,000 job. "I received a letter stating they`d be here sometime next spring. And I`m not real happy with that. I feel like I`m being held hostage really," she said.

Patrick Richard a representative of the company was out of town when I called.  He didn't want his comments recorded but says rain & heat slowed production this summer. He says now it`s too cold.   Willie Clark wants a refund.  "Very frustrating  because after so long I looked for somebody else to do the work and I had somebody else up to do the work and that`s when I talked to them about cancellation," he stated.

But the contract does have a cancellation penalty as Robin points out.  "They won`t return your deposit without keeping 25% of the total job which is 14, 1500 dollars.  And I`m not willing to give them money for not doing a job," she said.   Hance says her home is a major investment so she`s at a standstill right now.     Patrick Richard  says the contracts will be honored.   Homeowners say, lesson learned for future projects. Ask if there's a cancellation penalty.

BBB tips for consumers dealing with roofers and other contractors include:
•    Take time to confirm that the business is local and has a track record of reliable workmanship. Visit http://www.bbb.org or call 314-645-3300 for a BBB Business Review, which includes the company`s BBB rating (A+ plus to F) along with the complaint history and company contact information.
•    Ask the company for references and call those property owners. Ask them if the jobs were performed as agreed and whether they were satisfied with the results.
•    Ask whether the contractor has all required licenses and insurance. Ask your city whether it has experience with the business.
•    Ask for a written contract and read it to ensure that everything mentioned by a salesperson is included. Make sure the contract includes all details of the job as well as when and how payments are to be made and when the work should be completed.
•    Find out if there is a cancellation penalty if you terminate the contract.
•    Do not pay the entire amount in advance. Suggest a payment plan that would include a third of the money in advance, a third once work is underway and the final third when work is completed to your satisfaction.