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Dave murray’s latest stl forecast and weather disco:

***the atmsophere goes quiet for friday and the weekend…Eyes on another system for christmas day and wednesday of next week…Not trusting anything i’m seeing right now…Need to give …This another 24+ hours…But on the table***


Partly sunny…Breezy in the morning…Light winds in the afternoon and cold
Winds: northwest 15-25 m.P.H.
High: 38 degrees

Friday night:

Clear skies and cold…Light winds
Winds: northwest 5-10 m.P.H.
Low: 22 degrees

Saturday and sunday:

Partly sunny and chilly…Quiet
Winds: north to south 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 40-45 degrees

More on the disco in a few minutes…But here is the old post

The weather disco:

Well that was fun…A nice hit of winter…Some of the biggest winds…Non-thunderstorm winds around town…The peak gust 67 m.P.H. Around 4pm on thursday afternoon…Impressive…Along with that temperature drop. Now the system pulls away and the flow goes zonal for a few days…Friday…Cold and slightly warmer over the weekend…Saturday and sunday…Typical december cold. Then we start to watch impules of energy coming over the rockies…Lots of questions about this pattern…Monday…Tuesday and wednesday…There is no solution out there that is hanging its hat on anything…So we need to give this another day…But it has my interest for tuesday night and wednesday…More late friday and over the weekend…I will be on duty.

The power of 3…This was a sequence of weather events i learned about following nor’easter’s growing up and watching don kent, norm mcdonald and john ghiorse…Then fine turned the concept while on good morning america and wbz-tv…But its a concept that works well in the middle of the nation. The basic idea is that large storm system come in 3’s…There may be small impulse inbetween the three…But the focus is on the large storms..Typically in a 10 to 12 day time period. The tracks are key, as always, but each track should get further south as the snow field’s increase and pave the highway for colder air pushing deeper to the south…Thats the quick and dirty idea. Like everything in weather…It does not work all the time…But has a great track record. Just food for thought

Check out all the maps below: click on links…They will give you a great overview of the weather

Surface map:


National radar:


Severe weather:


Prog maps:


Snow maps: