All Ages Enjoy A Day In The Snow

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Adults rushed outside to enjoy the weekend snowfall.  For some, the snow brought childhood memories.  For others, it brought much-needed revenue.

Why is Larry Stacy out in the cold early Saturday morning?

"Because I walk everyday, every morning."

Like a bunch of kids, a bunch of grown-ups enjoyed a snow day in Jefferson Barracks Park in South County.  So, did a dog named Seamus.

"He loves to get out in the weather,” said Seamus’ owner, Tom Lane.  “The park his favorite place to go."

"As a kid, we always played in the snow,” Deb Deterding explained.  “My dad had a tractor and he would hook the toboggan up to the back of it and put as many neighborhood kids on that toboggan and pull us through the streets of Red Bud, Illinois.  Yeah, it was awesome."

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A little further south in DeSoto, a lot of grownups still had to work.  But, two words describe why they were happy to see all this snow anyway: Ice Melt.

"We had quite a supply,” said Jack Morris, cashier for Hamel & Rowe Ace Hardware.  “You have to order it pretty much in advance and it's beginning to sell now."

In this unseasonably warm winter, four inches of snow heated up sales of sleds and shovels.

“We had one out here called The Beast,” he laughed.  “I told them you can get all your children and your mother-in-law in the sled at the same time."

Back at the JB Park, Tom Lane remarked, "This is God's gift to mankind,” as he took in the scenery with his arms outstretched.  “Everyone should get out and enjoy it."

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