Bi-Lingual Employees Help Decipher The Hardware Store

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Finding what you need can be a foreign affair for many at a hardware store. But chances are Jose Padilla can point you in the right direction.

"Bosnian, Croatia, French, Portugese and Spanish." said Bi-lingual Sales Associate Jose Padilla.

Those are just a few of the languages you might hear at this home depot off Hanley road in St. Louis.
"A lot of our contractors were coming in and they were frustrated that they couldn't communicate with us or our aisle signs were not bi-lingual so we've done that." said Home Depot Store Manager Andy Close.

You might have seen some signs as society becomes a bigger melting pot. No longer will you have to use your hands to talk; unless of course you speak sign language. They have somebody who does as well.

"They know what they need but they can't explain to somebody that don't speak the same language.  So it's satisfying to help somebody and help them to communicate." said Jose Padilla.

Home Depot began the bilingual service five years ago, to better connect with the public in their 2000 stores nationwide. No longer do you need to be a Sherlock Homes at the hardware store. They've got somebody who can talk the talk, quite fluently.

"We've all had some form of foreign language in our high school years.  We want somebody who can come in and speak and communicate effectively with them." said Andy Close.

Having somebody who can decipher your dilemna is handy at a hardware store.