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Two Toddlers Found Outside In Cold; Adults Asleep Inside

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KTVI) - Two small children were found outside a St. Louis County home early Wednesday morning while police say three adults inside the home were asleep.

Authorities say a newspaper delivery man for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was on his route just after 5:00 a.m. when he spotted two children, a little boy age 4,  and a two year old girl, standing outside a home in the 12500 block of Fee Fee near Ross.  He said he was outraged by what he saw, when he picked up the little girl.

"Within 5 minutes of being out there, I was frozen to the bone," explains delivery man William Mueller.  "I dress appropriately for delivering newspapers, but I was still frozen.  She was screaming.  She had no shoes or socks on.  And when I found her, she was standing on a piece of ice."

Mueller says he didn't know what to do.  But, he knew he had to get the children out of the cold immediately."

"The little girl was crying," Mueller remembers.  "I picked her up.  I went to the front door, banged on the door, hit the doorbell.  Nobody answered.  That`s when I called 911 and waited for the cops to arrive"

The children were taken to an area hospital for evaluation. County Police say they are okay.

St. Louis County police did go into the home and found three men sleeping inside. Five more children -- aged 15 years and younger -- were also inside the home. Police say the two toddlers found outside live at the home.  None of the men were parents of any of the children at the home.  But, police are still trying to find if and how the men are related to the children.

After word of the incident spread, an unknown man pulled up to the house and tried to go inside.  He was stopped by police officer, who requested identification.  The officer let the man inside a few moments later.  No word on if that man was related to any of the men or children in the home.  

There is also no word on any charges, but the Department of Family Services will be notified.

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