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MO Hospital Makes Snowflakes For Sandy Hook Survivors

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Employees at DePaul Health Center made hundreds of paper snowflakes to send to the survivors of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

"It is just a great way for us to be creative and help some people out, " Dr. Jay Moore said.

The students will be going to a new school on Thursday. It will be their first time back in a classroom since 20 of their classmates were killed. Six adults were also killed in the Dec. school shooting.

"It was devastating," Moore said.

Sandy Hook officials sent out a call to action days after the shooting.

"They were asking for people around the country to send them snowflakes," Moore said.

The snowflakes will be displayed in the new school the kids will be attending.

However, Sandy Hook officials said they received more than enough snowflakes within just a few days.

"They said they could blanket the whole town," Moore said.

Now, officials are asking for the snowflakes to be sent to schools across the country in honor of the Sandy Hook victims.

"We are sending ours to several area schools," Moore said.