Kindness Of Strangers Brings Cat Home From Ohio

(CNN) – A missing cat is back with its owner thanks to a microchip and the kindness of others.

Finding a home for furry friends is a top priority for the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, explains director Mark Kumpf, “We do everything we can to send them home. That's our goal.”

Even if it means shipping a cat hundreds of miles away.

Mr. Mister is a cat who was put in the center's care when David Cipolloni was arrested in Dayton during a road trip from Pittsburgh to his girlfriend in St. Louis for drunk driving and driving with a suspended license.

Aileen Mazzoritti, Mr. Mister's owner, remembers, “I had been crying and crying because I knew he was in a shelter. I didn't even think about the micro chip.”

A micro chip on the cat led workers to tracking down the owner – Mazzoritti in St. Louis.

They hit a road block returning him to her though when they heard of Mazzoritti’s condition, “I knew there was no way that I could get there. I am a recent amputee. They had to amputate my left leg.”

That is when Delta Airlines stepped in, agreeing to fly the cat there. A representative from Avid Micro Chip Company then drove the cat from the airport to Mazzoritti.

The whole trip was no cost to her, “It was the best Christmas present I ever had. I couldn't believe they were going to do it for nothing.”

Kumpf added, “Just because it happens to be a few hundred miles instead of a few miles doesn't make it any less important for us to get that animal reunited with his owner. “

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