Alligator Guards Marijuana Stash At California Home

Posted on: 6:31 pm, January 10, 2013, by

Alligator named "Dr. Teeth" - Courtesy Of KTVU

Alligator named “Dr. Teeth” – Courtesy Of KTVU

CASTRO VALLEY, CA (KTVU) – Assif Mayar has a pretty good way of keeping his stash safe.  He had it guarded by a five foot alligator named “Dr. Teeth.”

According to TV station KTVU police arrested the 32 year old man during a routine probation check.  The sheriff’s Special Investigation Unit stopped by his house to see if he was complaint with the rules of his release.  

While at the home investigators found 34 pounds of processed marijuana in a plexiglass tank.  Next to the weed was one big alligator.

Police say Mayar bought the alligator in 1996 to be a deterrent to thieves.

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