Cini Restaurant

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Carmelo Gabriele and Christina Boehm have opened Cini Restaurant in Grand Center.

Cini lets you pick your entrée, either pasta, salad, or piadina and your favorite toppings for delicious fast, casual Italian food.

It’s located in the Flats at 374 S. Grand Blvd., between Highway 40 and Forest Park Parkway (south of the former Del Taco saucer).

Every concept needs a hook, and here it's the cini, a mini-arancini, a 1-ounce version of the Italian staple that's often the size of a tennis ball. Three different savory cinis will be offered, as well as sweet cinis.

Cini Restaurant
374 S. Grand Blvd

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