White House Beer Sold For $1,200


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The White House brews its own beer using a unique recipe.  Bottles of those beers were being handed out during the Obama’s campaign for reelection.  

Brad Magerkurth 42, is a  home brewer beer salesman for the Artisan Beer Company in Minneapolis.  He just happened to get a bottle of White House Honey Ale during a chance encounter with the President’s motorcade.  Now he’s decided to make the gift into a charitable donation.  He was able to sell the bottle of ale for $1,200 at auction.    

Ten people chipped in to share the 12 ounce bottle.  They sampled the beer during a food and drink festival called Taste! at the University of Minnesota.  The proceeds from the auction are going to the University’s Amplatz Children’s Hospital.

More:  Obamafoodorama.blogspot.com

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