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Man Drowns In Truck, 2 Women Escape Flood Water

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FREDERICKTOWN, MO (KTVI) – Flash flooding swept a man to his death just outside of Fredericktown, Missouri.

The victim’s truck could still be seen late Sunday night. It was almost totally underwater in the Castor River.

Missouri Highway Patrol Troopers got the call for help around 9:30 pm Saturday after a very rainy day.

Trooper Clark Parrott said, “Started raining in Southeast Missouri yesterday around 11:00 and had several heavy thunderstorms moved through the area. Flash flood warnings had been posted from about 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon to noon today.”

He said Perry Miller, 59, and two females were in the truck.  The two females tried to make it through the rushing waters on foot but were swept downstream.  They were rescued cold and wet but they are going to be okay.

Miller, who is from Marquand, was also carried away along with his truck by the swift water.  Miller drowned.  His body was found Sunday morning about 100 yards down river. 

Trooper Parrott explained, “Any kind of water moving on the roadway, they need to avoid  it at all costs because that water is moving very swift. There’s debris in the water. It will float a vehicle no matter how big it is in just six seven inches of water.”