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Musial Donations Go To Homeless Kids

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Memories of the late Stan Musial continue to be shared by Cardinal Nation.  For more than two decades Musial and his wife dedicated much of their time and talents to homeless youngsters. 

Sue Wagener is the Executive Director of Covenant House Missouri, "He was much more than a stellar athlete to us."

Covenant House Missouri gives homeless youngsters a chance to get an education, find a career and become a successful adult. Through a number of fundraising events Stan the Man is credited with helping raise $4.5 million for the organization.  In that time it`s estimated 15,000 children were helped. 

Wagener added, "They lent their time, their voice, and their name and their support for over 23 years to a group of kids that like I said are often forgotten.  And they made a world of difference."

At the Cardinal Winter Warm-up there were plenty of number 6 jerseys being worn by Red Bird fans.  Stan Musial memorabilia was also a hot seller. 

Bill Stone is a vendor, "I think everybody would like to have a little piece of Stan Musial as a good memory I grew up Stan Musial is the last of my childhood heroes.'"

One fan said, "Stan Musial to the Cardinals is Mr. Cardinal." Some people didn`t need a souvenir to remember Musial they have person memories they will treasure forever. For Kevin Creek it is the time he met Musial in person.  

Creek said, "I said Mr. Musial this is the most exciting day of my life. He goes no Kevin you`re wrong this is the most exciting day cause I got to meet you. What a gentleman. He was everything you want your son to grow up to be just a gentleman all the way through."

Stan Musial Public Viewing Thursday, Funeral Mass Saturday