Nixon Calls For Medicaid Expansion, Increased Education Spending

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KTVI) – Monday night Missouri Governor Jay Nixon delivered his "State of the State" address to a republican dominated legislature.

He called for co-operation, but immediately declared war on the GOP by demanding that Medicaid be expanded.

FOX 2's Charles Jaco was in Jefferson City and he has reaction to the governor’s call for expansion of the Medicaid rolls and increased education spending.

Governor Nixon tonight talked about the economy, about more money for education, about ethics reform. But when he said he intended to push to expand Medicaid in Missouri, he hit a nerve with the GOP.

That's because the republican super-majority in Jefferson City has fought federal health care reform every step of the way. And that reform, also called Obamacare, calls for the poorest people to have health care covered by Medicaid expansion. Governor Nixon talked about studies showing how expanding Medicaid would create 24,000 jobs in Missouri and about how the federal government would pay 100 percent of the costs for the first three years.

But the republican leadership responded by saying that any Medicaid expansion would be co-operation with Obamacare and that they refuse to consider it.

State senator Eric Schmitt, a republican from of St. Louis County, says “He needs to see all the facts and all the numbers of Medicaid expansion, before he makes a decision.” Which means not all the GOP members here take speaker Jones hard-line position.

Room for compromise, we'll see.