Neighbors Concerned About Shooting Range Expansion

NEW MELLE, MO (KTVI) - New Melle residents are concerned about plans to build a shooting range in their neighborhood. The site is in the heart of town surrounded by homes, businesses, and a recreation center.

Mike's Gun shop is planning to build an outdoor shooting range.  The gun shop backs up to a subdivision where  families with children play outdoors. There's also a recreation center with a ball field next to it.

Jill McClelland owned the gun shop for about 40 years before she sold it to a family friend.

"He's planning on putting a 12 stall shooting range which is indoor outdoor buried half way in the ground." said Former Owner Jill McClelland.

Jim Winistoerfer IS concerned someone could get hurt by a stray bullet if the gunshop is allowed to expand.

"I was a paratrooper combant infantryman and it sounds like a war zone. The fire fully automatics on here rapid fire it's like you're sitting in a war zone." said Jim Winistoerfer.

City leaders admit there have been conversations about the project, but say that's all.

"There has been discussions about it but I don't know what everybody is up in arms about because they haven't applied for a permit to start the project." said Chairman of the  Planning & Zoning Commission Pete Schepis.
City leaders made it clear they will not issue a permit for a project that would jeapordize anyone's safety. the meeting gets under way Monday at 7pm.