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Contact 2: Sewer Nightmare

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VELDA VILLAGE HILLS, MO. (KTVI) – A North County man dreads heavy rains.  His investment property has become a "floating" nightmare.  The house is in Velda Village Hills.  The homeowner tells me his backyard takes on enough water to float a boat.  That may be an exaggeration but sums up his frustration.

Phil Person Sr. bought this house three years ago.  But he says, he never expected the problems that started soon after moving in his first tenant.  'There`s no storm sewers in the area.  And all the water empties into my basement from all the houses on this street. '

Person bought the house at auction and never got an inspection of the sewer line.  That was critical since his house is on a cul de sac at the end of the street.  His driveway sits lower than surrounding homes.  And heavy rains cause water to rush under the garage door into his basement.  He's asked for help from MSD. 'They`re the sewer company.  They`re the ones responsible for removing water.  There`s no storm sewers on this block close to here.    None'

MSD is fully aware of the problem.  They have maps.   The blue dots reflect sewer drains.  It's clear, a lot of homes in this area near Lucas & Hunt and Natural Bridge have no storm water drainage according to MSD spokesperson, Lance LeComb. 'Certainly for MSD it`s not a lack of not wanting to do the work, we certainly want to do this work, it`s just that we need to be appropriately funded.'

Before the end of the year the Missouri Supreme Court will render its decision on MSD's request to spend the money to make these improvements.   LeComb says something will be done regardless. 'If we lose this case we`re going to see this through.  What we`ll have to do is go back and maybe develop a new proposal or have a vote on our old proposal.  We don`t know.  We have to see what the court says.'

Person wants something to happen to recoup his loses.  'I think they just need to step up and be responsible for what they are supposed to do.  'They are supposed to be the sewer company.  And it`s their responsibility to catch the water.'

When buying property, get everything inspected.  Never assume the structure and utilities are in perfect shape.  You want complete disclosure before you sign.

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