Germ Expert: Avoid Double Dipping

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(KTVI) - If there's one thing we all know, you don't double dip your chips, veggies, or crackers.  Lots of Super Bowl parties this weekend.  Lots of dips. Lots of opportunities for the 'double dipper' and the spread of germs.

Donna DuBerg with Saint Louis University talks about why we shouldn't double dip and ways to avoid it.

"Double-dipping - either three or six times - transferred, on average, 10,000 bacteria from mouth to dip. It would take only a few renegade double-dippers at a party to turn an appetizing bowl of dip into a molecular weapon."

The bacterial population of food dips increased due to the practice of "double-dipping," and that dip type can influence the dip's bacterial population.

-Provide spoons for dip so everyone can have their personal "stash"