Tuesday’s Storm Downs Trees And Power Lines In Old Monroe

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OLD MONROE, MO. (KTVI) - During a period late Tuesday afternoon, two different tornado warnings covered separate portions of St. Charles County.  While no twisters appear to have touched down, there were some tense moments.  The sirens were followed by a number of trees snapping and crashing in the tiny town of Old Monroe.

It was about 4pm when the most violent stretch of the storm moved through.  Witnesses don’t believe there was any tornado involved just high winds.

“It got real windy real fast,” Old Monroe Fire Chief Chris Blevins said.  “Rained really, really hard, and we’re out here cleaning up trees.”

In fact, Old Monroe had to enlist help from the nearby Winfield Fire Department to help clear trees from roads in the center of town.  But the chief concedes things could have been much worse.

“I’m super glad with the size of these trees, if they would have landed on a house it would have been some major damage.”

Brigette Spalding, who lost two large trees from her property, says it was unnerving. Especially considering her home has no basement.

“We were sitting down, looking on the internet, and we heard a boom,” she said.  “It was a little scary.  But no damage to the house and that’s good.”

A couple of miles west of town there was additional damage.   Cuivre River Electric had crews posted on Jordan Road, attempting to repair a power pole which had snapped.

Across the county, driving was hazardous as heavy rains made it difficult to see more than a car in front of you on Interstate 70 for a time.

It was a very spring-like weather episode on a January day.

“Strange,” Chief Blevins said.  “Seventy degrees at the end of January.  It’s a little weird.”

If it seems like we’re on the verge of another strange, snow-free winter, though, you may want to withhold judgment.  Fox 2 Chief Meteorologist Dave Murray says things could turn on a dime.

“Last winter really was a non winter truly was a non winter,” Murray points out.  “That was kind of a mistake when you look at Mother Nature.  This winter it’s been plenty cold.  We just haven’t gotten a lot of good storms yet.  You have to remember, February and March are our big snow months here in St. Louis.  We have plenty of time.”