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Dave murray’s latest stl forecast and weather disco:

***still chilly to cold over the weekend with the clipper flow hanging tough…See-saw temps for much of next week***


Mostly cloudy..Especially in the morning some sun…Limited in the afternoon…Chilly to cold
Winds: west 10-15m.P.H.
High: 39 degrees

Saturday night:

Lots of clouds and cold…Spotty flurries
Winds: northwest 5-10 m.P.H.
Low: 28 degrees.


Partly sunny and chilly to cold
Winds: west 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 42 degrees

Mostly cloudy on monday–some spotty rain around…But limited moisture…Warmer.

The weather disco:

My spring forecast for st. Louis will be out thursday…February 21st…9:30 on fox 2.

The latest clipper rolling by early saturday morning…Keeping us in the northwest flow…Clouds giving way to some sun…But saturday is still a chilly to cold day…Not the deep cold of friday…But still cold to be out and about. Another weak clipper comes into play saturday night..Clouds and spot flurries…Very limited…Still cold and sunday…Partly sunny skies…Still in the northwest flow…So still chilly to cold…Upper 30’s and low 40’s for highs…2 to 3 in the afternoon. Another clipper comes into play on monday…We are ahead of it most of the day…So with a southerly wind will will see a little jump in temp…Limited moisture to work with…But still thinking a few spotty showers will be around. See-saw temps in play much of next week…A shot of rain in here thursday and thursday night…Could be some ice and snow mixed in…Thats for later.

Check out all the maps below: click on links…They will give you a great overview of the weather

Surface map:


National radar:


Severe weather:


Prog maps:


Snow maps: