Grants Farm Estate Sale

Posted on: 4:58 pm, February 1, 2013, by , updated on: 05:37pm, February 1, 2013

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – There were some lookee-lou’s in St. Louis county on Friday.  Curious shoppers came to Crestwood for the first day of an estate sale. That’s what this gentleman who owns this house is doing.  Selling off all kinds of collections accrued over 92 years.

There were rooms full of books and all kinds of owls.  But many got their cabooses to Crestwood so they could chugga chugga choose some fun toys.

Mike Harris organizes estate sales around the metropolitan region. He gets a first hand look at people’s lives as they transition from a long time home to a new residence.

We all have collections of some sort, daily reminders of the people and places that left their impressions on us…no matter how old you are.

That’s half the fun of estate sales or garage sales, getting a chance to see how the other half live and what they collected along the way.

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  • Model trains line the basement wall

  • Military photos and artwork range from pieces depicting back to the Civil War

  • A pair of glass angels

  • Military artwork cover the tables of the basement

  • Game boards and other kids toys

  • Collectable glassware with Looney Toons

  • Years of National Geographic magazines

  • Many assorted matches line the floor

  • Pots and pans

  • Man looks at the military books that fill basement room

  • Miscellaneous items in bags

  • Boxes to every train model. There are boxes that accompany each opened train and many boxes that have yet to be opened

  • Shell art

  • The basement family room filled with vintage furniture

  • Photos of different trains

  • Completed 3D puzzle pieces

  • Dining sets

  • Building models

  • Saws and other tools are for sale

  • Hundreds of assorted magazines

  • A fun machine piano is up for sale

  • A large train set sits in the basement near the train models. It is not for sale.

  • A display of shells for military collectors

  • A complete set of the Yale Shakesphere collection is on sale

  • Vintage Cardinals Hall of Fame Inductees poster

  • People looking around at the collections in the basement

  • Suitcases line the bottom of the train set

  • A 10-speed bike and other tools

  • People waiting in line to purchase their items

  • Collectable coins

  • Many Folgers coffee cans with unused coffee line a basement wall

  • Chairs, couches and beds for sale in the basement

  • Woman purchasing her items

  • A vintage sewing wheel

  • Large collection of train models

  • A copy of a notice on what to do if a nuclear strke were to happen

  • Hundreds of military books are scattered throughout the home.

  • A civil war cannon and many others are for sale

  • Candles and other items

  • Watches and other jewlr

  • Military and other literature books

  • Hundreds of vinyl records of classical music

  • A large record player

  • Display set up for military collectables

  • Beer steins and glases

  • People lined up at the cash register to buy their goods

  • Cigar boxes

  • Formal glasses

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