Metro’s Most Wanted: Lousy Bank Robber in South St. Louis


In south St. Louis, we’ve encountered  what may be the worst bank robber we’ve ever seen.  For starters, take a look at the photos to see how poorly he concealed himself from the camera.   He didn’t just allow one good picture to be taken of him, there were 5.

All these lovely shots came when the man walked into the Bank of America at Jefferson and Gravois in south city on January 28th.  He handed off a note saying he had a gun, and here’s the kicker:  Our friend here chickened out, leaving before he had any money.  But police still want him for attempted bank robbery.

If you have any information contact CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS (8477).boa jefferson1 boa jefferson2 boa jefferson5 boajefferson 4 boajefferson3

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