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Volunteers Remodel Foster Home In One Day

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BALLWIN, MO (KTVI)- It looked like one of those home makeover shows in Ballwin, Saturday.  Instead 3 days or 2 days, this crew had just 1  day  to  do  the job; and they had to do it for free;  all to make a foster family's house feel more like home.

It was the kind of the thing foster-mom Phyllis Hackman had only seen on TV shows.
'I`m one of those HGTV groupies and stuff.  So this is just so exciting to see it all in progress,' Hackman said, looking on as the old siding was being stripped from her home and new siding was going up.

There was progress on all sides, top to bottom; all for the group Angels` Arms, which buys homes for foster families; allowing siblings to more often stay together instead of being split up into separate foster homes.

The job was worth an estimated $40,000.

But it was truly 'on the house'.

"Doing a complete makeover; tearing off the original siding; putting up a new house wrap; putting in all new windows; then putting up new siding, soffit, facia, and gutters; all in one day," said Dan Merrifield of Lake Side Exteriors.

"This is huge. This is big. Sometimes we get things like some tile donated or an appliance; to side an entire home and do the windows, this is a first for us. We`re beyond ecstatic," said Bess Wilfong, the Executive Director of Angels` Arms.

"We usually have about 2-4 employees do the job and it`ll take somewhere around 7-9 working days. Today, we have 20-25 employees. Everyone has as their assignment that we`re going to get it done in 1 day," Merrifield said.

Castle Rock remodeling has donated windows for Angels` Arms houses in the past.  Handyman Hardware stepped up and provided them, this time.  Lake Side exteriors threw in the labor.

The rest of the supplies were donated, too.  Angels` Arms has purchased 9 homes for foster families.

Five foster children live in the Hackman`s Ballwin home now.   Forty-seven have called it home since 2005.

"When they come in here, it`s like a new world to them. That` what we`re trying to do is show them it`s a warm home. It`s a beautiful home," Phyllis Hackman said.

It was as if it had been wrapped in Angels` Arms.

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