Street Crews Prepared For More Potholes

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The St. Louis city streets department is bracing for the big blast of winter.

But they're still dealing with problems left behind from previous storms.

They have been very busy at the city streets department filling trucks and hooking up plows, ready to face whatever nature decides to deliver.

If freezing rain is a recipe for disaster, here's the recipe to avoid a disaster.

Start with a couple of buckets of salt, add some fresh water from a fire hydrant, stir it up, pump it out, and voila it’s brine time.

But long before crews starting salting the streets, they were already assaulting the streets.

Because of the storms we've already had, for pothole repair crews, it's now their time for shizzle to sizzle.

The city has been running six to ten crews a day on hole patrol, but by Monday, thanks to this latest storm, they may need twice as many.

And they will have to keep hitting the same spots over and over because fixing potholes in winter is a pain in the asphalt.

The city has 35 salt truck drivers standing by and can push that to 70 if they need to add plows.

And even though it may seem like we haven't had much snow this winter, they have already had to battle four storms this season. So they have had plenty of practice and used plenty of salt already.